How to Watch Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury Live Stream

Things escalate quickly, and today’s bouts take different tolls real quick. At least that’s what the Pandemic has turned us into. From speculations, rumors, and unfinalized deals to seemingly set deals, the Joshua Vs. Fury bout remains a perfect replica that seems set.

According to Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s promoter, the venue has already been decided, and the dates are just a few days away. So when and where will the most significant heavyweight fight that will unify the WBA, IBF, WBC, and WBO titles occur?

When And Where Can The Bout Go Down At?

Eddie Hearn seems to spill grains with the dates and venue yet to be announced. Speaking to Skysports, Hearn has assured everyone that the fight is a done deal from their side and could hopefully take place some few months from now.

“August 7th, August 14th,”

“I think it’s a very bad secret that the fight is happening in Saudi Arabia. To be honest with you, I don’t mind giving you that information. Bob Arum (Fury’s US promoter) has already done it.” He said.

In his statement to Skysports, Hearn also announced Saudi Arabia as the likely venue where the undisputed heavyweight match will take place. Joshua’s promoter is pessimistic that the event will go down this year as planned, with a possible rematch occurring earlier next year. According to him, this will be an easier task since they have worked with the people in charge of the arrangements before and all was perfect.

“It’s the same people that we did the deal with Andy Ruiz (rematch). That event was spectacular.”

“As partners, they were fantastic as well. We’re very comfortable. Anthony is very comfortable, he knows those people. They’ve delivered on every one of their promises last time. We’re ready to go.” He added.

Things, however, look skittish on one of the dates he mentioned since it coincides with the final days of the Tokyo Olympics. He seems to acknowledge that and goes with the other date as the ideal timeline.

“That’s going to be the date. Of course, you’ve got the Olympics finishing on August 7th, so in terms of a global spectacle, it would make sense to go on the 14th. That’s one of the things to tick off in the next, hopefully, few days.” Hearn added.

With the date and venue almost done, Joshua will take on Fury at what cost?

How To Watch Joshua vs Fury Live Stream Online

The channels and the apps that will broadcast Joshua vs Fury live still remains unclear due to some discrepancies that lie with both fighters. For instance, Hearn signed a five-year deal with DAZN, which may not affect the match since it doesn’t include Joshua. Arum, on the other hand, was quoted saying that the Fury Vs. Joshua Livestream would go down on ESPN+ saying nothing about DAZN.

However, the most likely scenario in the UK remains on the pay-per-view that will encompass Skysports, Box Office, and BT Sports that will broadcast the Joshua fight Livestream.

The scenario in the US remains somewhat uncertain since Fury’s fights have streamed on ESPN while Joshua’s bouts have gone down via DAZN.

The PPV prices in the UK are believed to go for about £25 while the US to cost up to $100 for the boxing Livestream game that is so much anticipated.

Joshua Vs Fury Purse

One of the primary reasons why the bout will be heading to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, lies in the massive cash the Gulf state is willing to offer as the site deal. Saudi Arabia looks to beat both Wembly and Las Vegas to host the most anticipated bout for a price of more than $150 million. This may come as a surprise to many since both fighters are from the UK, and the British Isles would be the ideal venue, but money matters, right?

With such a massive mouth glistening amount, Jeddah appears to be the likely venue. However, one barrier to this site deal is the Pandemic and the traveling restrictions that have hit more countries. For organizers, the restrictions that bar fans from accessing the stadium are a point of concern that promoted some venues’ de-selection in various countries.

With the massive site deal already set, though verbally, as Joshua’s promoter puts it, each fighter is likely to walk away with a minimum of $75 million each. The terms agreed on the purse put each of them at a 50/50 split for the first bout with a possible 60/40 split for the second bout in favor of the winner.

The fighters are also likely to receive massive bonuses from the massive cash expected from pay-per-view platforms, with the PPV platforms in the US likely to charge $100 and the PPV in the UK to cost about £25.

Who Does The Stats Favor?

Putting all their records and milestones in the ring on the edge, no one seems to fall short of praise and ruthlessness. Both of these British heavyweight champions have had an elite career, with both of them having 21 KO’s in their winning sprees.

Hailing from the same country, the UK, both of these fighters are at their prime ages, and their victories remain equally captivating on paper.

Both of them have titles to their names, with Anthony Joshua claiming the WBA, IBO, IBF, and the WBO belts while Tyson Fury enrobing the WBC and the Ring title.

It, therefore, means that a winner will don all the titles to his name to become the undisputed world heavyweight champion of the division.

Tyson Fury’s success rate of 30-0 becomes one of the best in this era, with his last win that had him cling to the WBC title coming in 2020 after defeating Deontay Wilder via TKO.

On the other hand, Anthony Joshua has had a spree of 24-1, with his biggest upset coming in 2019 after losing to Ruiz. He, however, reclaimed the title back after beating Andy Ruiz in a rematch and further defending the title against Kubrat Pulev.

Anthony Joshua seems to boast a 88% KO ratio from his 22 KOs in 24 wins, unlike Tyson Fury, whose ratio sits 67.74% from 21 KOs from 30 wins. Another disparity that puts Joshua ahead of Fury is their net worth, with the former at a net worth of about $80million and the former at $ 30million.

Both of these men are gigantically built, with Joshua enjoying a 3′ height advantage over Fury. Both are expected to weigh 179lbs on their fight day, and weight may not be a point of concern during this analysis.

What Are The Odds and Tickets For The Fight?

DAZN has come up with some alluring odds for the fight in their prediction of who will win the fight assigning odds to the method of winning. For instance, Betfair has picked this as their odds.

Fury: 4/7

Joshua: 11/8

Draw: 22/1

On the other hand, these are the odds that go for the method of victory.

Joshua on points:11/2

Joshua knockout: 5/2

Fury on points: 15/8

Fury knockout: 9/4

The speculation of being knocked down at least once during the debut was assigned these odds;

Joshua 5/4

Fury 5/4

The tickets on the fight will be availed via various trusted websites and apps like,,, etc.


Everything looks set and done for both of the teams, and the only thing standing between the fight is the official announcements of the dates and venue. Both the teams look good, and it might be challenging to say that either will win since a lot might change between now and then. Both of these fighters look good on paper and stats, and waiting for the most anticipated undisputed heavyweight championship is the least we could do.