Apple M1 MacBook dances to both Android and iOS

Apple seems to have cracked a joke. It appears that Apple MacBook can run Android applications very soon and that is not far from the truth. This is made possible by the new M1 chip with BlueStack application introduced for ARM based PCs. Last year, Apple decided to let go of Intel, to create its chips for MacBooks which is the M1 chip based on ARM.

This application, BlueStacks, is an emulator known for bringing apps meant for Android to PC but this time, it is going to be from one system to another. A complete overriding of integrating system patterns and flexibility of application. It has met public expectations, working like a spectacle. BlueStacks V is still in its beta version where it is tested that it installs faster and has the ability to launch apps faster than its predecessor. It uses 40% less RAM as compared to others with smoother frame rates for gaming.

Another notable advantage of BlueStacks V is the ‘Eco Mode’ that cuts 80% CPU usage which is ideal for multitasking. The users now have a huge library of apps to choose from and with technological progress, it’s safe to say that Apple might dances to tunes of Android.

One can tell that the competition and hegemony held by brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi will not sit idle over such a development. The concern lies is where apps could or could not run is something that the compatibility and user can decide. Although, iOS Big Sur still retains the wow factor, it certainly will not be easy. This is because, BlueStacks would not be limited to Apple but will also extend itself to the Android fraternity. The users are hopeful that