MCU to stick with Tom Holland, while Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield kick the bucket

What is it so dark, are you DC? MCU shelves the plan for a Spider Verse but either way, it is a good news that this is not going to turn into another back to past then to the future and then nowhere hullaboo. While films have a way of making things possible, even a Spider Verse, but that it is believed that it wouldn’t have gone down well with the hardcore MCU fans.

There are a lot of Verses – one less might do better. And while there was a talk that it may be that the previous actors may reprise their role along with Tom Holland, it may not have been very pleasing to the eye.

Tom Holland made it clear that it’ll be a stand-alone film. Everyone will amit the fact that the performance of Tom Holland has been solid. And after the nearly not happening Spiderman film between Sony and MCU, it is starting to shape into something unbelievable and it’s not too grandiose, because as far as everyone is concerned, Stan Lee didn’t like flashy things either; he just loved the buzz that came with it.

And while a Spider Verse would have been a tremendous success, it would have deviated from its original course that is keeping the MCU intact. Spider Man 3 doesn’t require Toby Maguire or Andrew Garfield to be a blockbuster, the idea of a Spider Verse should be left for animation only as it makes the use of suspense and disbelief, and if the live action and animation were to be available to the audience, it would be nothing but a cheap copy of each other.

Now everyone is looking for a fantastic story. That’s hard to stay away from. And if the live action of Spider Verse turns out to be a blockbuster, it will be a safe conclusion that everyone will have a unsound judgement. However, Spider Man: Far From Home got a clear conclusion and with that the Spider Verse is, therefore, kept intact.