Best Air Compressors for Nail Gun- Reviews and Buying Guide

While air compressors might not be at the top of the list of every DIyers, they can help you do number of things. This is especially true for use with nail gun.

When it comes to using a nail gun, you require a highly effective compressor for you to work effectively.

The best compressor for nail gun should be powerful and easy to use. Coming in wide variety of sizes, compressors can use either gas powered or electric engine.

Top 5 Air Compressor for Nail Gun

They can also be small, portable or large. Read on to learn about some of the top air compressors for nail gun.

1. BOSTITCH Air Compressor Kit 6 Gallon, 150 PSI BTFP02012-WPK

Whether you are a professional contractor or a casual handy man, you can always depend on BOSTITCH.

As one of the most affordable and excellent air compressors available, BOSTITCH BTFP02012-WPK 6-Gallon is not only lightweight but portable as well.

Having an item size of 16.9 x 16.5 x 19.1 inches, this compressor is nice and portable. While you still need two hands to comfortably carry it around, its small size makes it easier to move it from one place to another.

Weighing approximately 20 pounds, Bostitch air compressor is an incredibly light weight compressor. This makes it one of the most portable machines out there.

Since it’s a corded air compressor, you don’t need to invest in any batteries for you to work. Provided you have a source of power, you can enjoy a maximum output of up to 150 PSI.

Apart from its 6 gallon capacity, it comes with 50 inch PCV blend hose, 10 blow guns and an air accessory kit. You can also buy it in peace knowing that it has a 1 year warranty.


  • Lightweight compact and portable
  • All weather quality and flexible
  • Maintenance free and oil free
  • High flow regulator
  • Reduced noise


  • Limited warranty
  • Poor quality housing

2. WEN 2289 10-Gallon Oil-Free Vertical Air Compressor, 150 PSI

When it comes to reliable 10 gallon air compressors, this is also another favorite. Since WEN, the manufacturer, has been making tools since 1951, you can only expect it to be the best.

Ideal for staplers, nailers, spray guns and other tools, WEN 2289 10 gallon air compressor has everything you need in an air compressor. If you require about 2 to 3 CFM at 90 PSI, this is the perfect choice.

Although it’s not as powerful as other tools it will serve you just well. Another thing that makes it amazing is that its user friendly. Weighing only 71 pounds, it’s lightweight, portable, and mobile.

Featuring vertical steel tank, you can easily move it on a 7 inch flat wheels.  With its two never flat wheels and rubber gripped handles transporting it from one point to the next becomes very easy

Given that it has very many user friendly features it’s one of the best additions to your garage. It will definably give you value for your money.


  • User friendly design and small in size
  • Auto shut-off feature for safety
  • Seven inch never flat tires
  • Clean air intake


  • Pressure build up takes time
  • Loud operating noise

3. Campbell Hausfeld Portable Quiet Air Compressor DC060500 6 Gallon

As compared to other options Campbell Hausfeld DC060500 6 Gallon is up to 50% quieter than other options in the market. Although it’s not the quietest in the market, it isn’t the loudest either.

Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, this is the right tool for you. While it can last for up to 4 hours this highly depends on what you are doing.

Featuring a campell shape it won’t easily topple and fall. To make it easy to move around, it’s fitted with steel handle with soft grip. With its maintenance free oil free pump, it will last more than the extended period.

Having a dual piston pump system made for durability and high performance, it’s capable of producing 15% more air.

Although it fills up quickly it runs more smoothly than other compressors. If you want to finish your work as pro this is the right tool for you. If you want to complete your projects quieter and faster, this compressor is the right choice.


  • Comes with a 6 gallon tank
  • Provides a 1 year warranty
  • Perfect for different types of projects
  • It will work well by using 68 DD


  • Poor packaging
  • Its warranty is not one of the best

4. BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor, Oil-Free, 6 Gallon, 150 PSI (BTFP02012)

Bostitch BTFP02012 6 Gallon air compressor is not only lightweight but portable as well. As one of the best compressors, it features maintenance free oil free pump that delivers up to 2.6 SCFM at 90PSI

Coming with a highly efficient motor, you can easily start it up in cold weather and shoot up to 1000 nails at a time. Portable and light weight, moving it from one place to the next is very easy.

Since it does not have a plugin to use, if it’s full of air, it would keep that pressure for several days. To maximize air tool performance it has regulator and high flow couplers.

Weighing only 29lbs it’s easy to move and store anywhere. One amazing thing about it is that it’s oil free. This means it can serve you for long without any maintenance.

If you are looking for the best air compressor for you nail gun, this unit won’t disappoint you.


  • Highly convenient and durable
  • Consistent pressure
  • Made of high quality material
  • 6 gallon capacity


  • Could use more horse power
  • Its noise is a bit loud

5. DEWALT Air Compressor, 135-PSI Max, 1 Gallon (D55140)

If you are looking for relatively quiet air compressor, DEWALT Air Compressor, 135-PSI Max is the perfect choice. Without trying to do too much or too little, it has all the features you need in air compressor.

Coming with a 1 gallon tank, it will keep in compressed air for most jobs. It will also not take you long to refill. With its 2.6 amp motor this unit will refill within seconds.

This makes it the most suitable for smaller jobs that require rapid movements. While it may not be the best, it’s more than adequate. The fact that it provides high pressure at small package is quite amazing.

Its ability to provide much power will come in handy in construction site and help you maintain peak efficiency. This means you won’t have to use any energy or time hauling around huge compressors.

Made of cast iron, and shielded with a roll cage, it’s well protected hence will serve you well for several years to come. Designed to take a beating, it’s not likely to get damaged very soon.

As an indispensable tool, it’s highly recommended for renovations, small home repairs, workshops and construction sites.


  • Featuring a cast iron built its quite durable
  • Suitable for renovations and small homes repairs
  • No need for periodic maintenance
  • Lots of power in small package


  • Not the best for heavier tanks
  • It may still be too loud

Best Air Compressors for Nail Gun Buying Guide

Consider the Kind of Work You’ll Be Doing

Before settling on any air compressor, you need to know whether you’ll be using it occasionally or on regular basis. For heavy work, you need a large and powerful compressor to help you out. However, for occasional use at home, you only require one with small tank capacity

Know the Types

While air compressors are efficient, sometimes they don’t have the power you need. Assuming you’ve chosen one, check out tank capacity, length of the hose and power requirements before making a decision.

Know the Air Flow

Since this varies from one compressor to another, it’s important to choose one that runs at approximately 2.6 SCFM. This will allow you to do the job without any issue.

Determine the Source of Power

While most air compressors use electricity, some of them run on higher voltage. The best air compressor should run on low voltage. This is very important especially when the temperature is cold.

Consider the Noise

Most air compressors are not only loud but also vibrate. With some of them louder than others you should go for one that provides a quieter working environment. Before you buy them, test the noise level.


One of the issues that users face is a faulty gauge or leakage on the hose. Both the hose and the gauge should, therefore, fit well to ensure they produce maximum air flow. You should also choose one with sturdy housing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size of air compressor do I need for my nail gun?

To drive the nails into the wood you need a short bust of air. So choose a portable air compressor with a 2 to 6 gallon capacity and 3 CFM rating.

What size nail do I need for framing?

When framing the interior walls nail size is very important. The nails that are too fat or too long are a bit difficult to drive. The best nails for framing should be around 3 1/2 inches long

What’s the weight of an air compressor unit?

On average a good quality air compressor should weigh between 180lbs to 30 lbs. The weight also depends on the components and materials used.

How do I refill or recharge the air in my air compressor?

All air compressors come with a cord that you just need to plug in and switch on for it to charge. Once it’s fully charged it will automatically shut down.

Can I shoot a nail gun in the air?

First you need to understand that no nail gun can be short on the air. Since they have muzzle safety interlock they won’t fire unless the muzzle is pressed in hard surface such as wall of wood.

What’s the work of a nail gun?

It’s basically used to drive the nails into the wood, wall or some kind of material. This process is driven by compressed air, highly inflammable material and electromagnetism.

Is a nail gun dangerous?

Yes it can cause an injury. Using a nail gun with automatic trigger or bump can lead to unintended nail discharge. Other risks may include working fast, lack of training and keeping the trigger squeezed.

Who needs air compressor for nail gun?

Well this tool is meant to be used by any professional or DYI person who job involves driving nails into the wood or wall. It’s designed in such a way that it to provide you with the efficiency and power that you need.

What are some of the benefits of an air compressor for nail gun?

As compared to other tools, an air compressor for nail gun will provide you with longer life span. It also provides a superior and consistent power to use on a number of tools. This makes it one of the best tools.


An air compressor is a very important tool to have around for a variety of jobs that need compressed air. If you want to use a nail gun make sure you choose a reliable unit that can get the job done within no time. You should also consider portable feature.

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