Best Propane Tankless Water Heater in 2021

Whether you want to save energy or get an endless supply of hot water, a propane tankless water heater is the right option. Small and compact in shape, these heaters are also efficient and highly portable.

With continued improvement in technology, companies are now offering different kinds of heaters that were not there before. If you are stuck in choosing the best propane tankless water heater, you are in the right place.

We have come up with this detailed review to help you select the right one. Continue reading

10 Best Propane Tankless Water Heater 2021

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1.  Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

Weighing only 14lbs this propane water heater is suitable for both travelers and campers. Portable, cheap, and reliable it has everything you need in a water heater.

Although it does not look majestic you’ll get value for your money especially if you are out there in the wild. Fitted with simple control dials it will provide you with enough control over your showers.

Plus it has two buttons for gas and water control. To control water flow starts and stops you can easily turn it on and off.

With its heat exchanger made of stainless steel and featuring a copper water tank, it’s highly corrosion and heat resistant. While its minimum temperature rise is 46.4 degrees F, its maximum temperature rise is 14.6 degrees F.

Coming with all modern standards for safety such as overheating, tip over and high pressure features it’s a unit you can use in safe.

Apart from these, it has an anti-freezing feature to ensure that water doesn’t freeze even at a very low temperature


  • Fitted with anti-freeze option
  • Mote suitable for outdoor settings
  • It has an oxygen depletion safety option and shutoff system
  • Compact hence small in size hence portable
  • Heats well for a light shower


  • As compared to others, it has a lower water pressure
  • Small in size hence not suitable for larger homes

2.  Rinnai RL Series Indoor Tankless Hot Water Heater / RL94IP

As another durable Rinnai product, Rinnai RL Series promises to provide you with the best service for up to 30 years. Although its propane powered, it can produce large amounts of water within no time.

This makes it the best tankless heater for workplaces and large homes. Boasting a flow rate of 9.4 GPM, it can comfortably support multiple showers, 3 bathrooms, and washing machine requirements.

Additionally, you can use it in both cold and hotter areas. By having on-demand capabilities, you can rest assured you’ll get hot water wherever you want. Whether you are doing laundry or bathing, you’ll get an adequate amount of hot water.

With its direct powered venting and coaxial pipe, no cold or hot air will get inside once you put it off. Unlike other heaters, it’s an eco-friendly machine that does not lose any energy while on standby.

Apart from getting a constant supply of hot water, it will also save you a lot on energy bills.


  • No smell from direct vent
  • High efficient tankless heater
  • Modulated burning allows less fuel consumption
  • Powerful and durable


  • Huge and chunky
  • Coldwater sand witch

3. Eccotemp i12-LP water heater, 4 GPM, Black

If you are looking for a stylish water heater, you need to choose i12-LP from Eccotemp. Featuring a sleek black tempered glass in the front panel, and a LED display for flow rate and output temperature, this heater has unique features that you’ll love.

Although it’s designed for outdoor installation, it will still look good when installed indoors. Meant for large and small applications, it has adequate oomph to supply endless hot water to a few appliances.

From smaller homes to cabins and cottages this heater will serve you quite well. It also has fully automatic temperature controls to allow you to make adjustments wherever you want.

If you are staying with a group of people, you can have peace of mind knowing there will be no child locks.

Having a capacity of 0.6 to 4.8 gallons of hot water per minute and a minimum gas rate of 25,000 to 80,000 BTUs, this is the ideal unit for your home.

It’s a very energy-efficient heater that only draws around 2 watts while not in use. Overall, if you have a less demanding climate and small home this unit will do you good


  • Automatic touch screen and temperature controls
  • Good looking tempered glass finish
  • Child locks to prevent children from interfering


  • There might be leaks and error messages
  • It’s not the best choice heater for colder climates

4. Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64 GPM Digital Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

As one of the best companies out there, Camplux has lived up to its promise by fitting this heater with the most advanced features. For easy usage, it has a very efficient water pump.

The best thing about it is that it does not overheat. As a special inclusion, its flame failure makes it stands out. Due to this feature, the fuel supply will immediately be cut off if there is danger. This prevents it from bursting into flames.

Operated in 2 3D batteries, it’s the best product to use when there no electricity. It’s also best situated for bathing your pets and outdoor showers. Apart from that, it has a consistent flow of water.

Perfect for campsites, cabins, and indoor use, this unit will ensure you get hot water whenever you need it. Even if you have children, it’s quite safe to use.


  • It does not overheat even in high temperatures
  • Comes with an easy to use water pump
  • Light and lightweight hence saves space
  • Has the same feature device for more reliability
  • Save you a lot of gas during summer


  • Not as efficient as other units
  • Has a 20-minute shutoff

5. Rinnai Indoor Propane Tankless Hot Water Heater Propane 7.5 GPM

Are you aware that one heater may not be enough? If you are looking for a range of options to choose from, this is the right heater for you.

When looking for high powered models that reach 7.5 GPM, this gas heater by Rinnai has everything you need. Coming in different sizes as either natural gas or propane these heaters are fairly heavy.

With their power level, they can handle small homes and large apartments.  7.5 GPM is enough to handle a dishwasher, shower, and many more.

It also has touch screen controls that are standard across all models. Although it doesn’t quite match the latest iPad, it has a good modern touch.

Its control-R model app also has schedules and timers to allow you to remotely put into vacation mode.

Coming with a residential factory warranty of 120months for heat exchanger, 12 months for labor, and 60 months for parts, you’ll purchase it with peace of mind.

When you consider its sustainability and reliability, you realize that it’s a nice investment.


  • It comes with a range of power settings
  • Fitted with touch controls and mobile apps
  • Long warranties of up 10 years for heat exchanger
  • Great customer satisfaction


  • Considerably expensive
  • Smaller sizes may lack features

6. TAKAGI Tankless Water Heater TH3OSLP

Manufactured by TAKAGI, TAKAGI tankless water heater is another reliable propane tankless gas heater that can provide an endless flow of hot water for your entire home.

Provided your home doesn’t have more than three bathrooms, you can be assured of a consistent flow of water. Coming with a digital display and smart design it clearly shows the temperature level and helps you keep up with the usage.

In addition, it has a small compact design and computerized safety feature to protect it from freezing and overheating in hot weather.

Weighing only 63 pounds it’s easy to carry and assemble and it has great temperatures for temperature and heating.

Boasting ultra-low Nox emissions, it’s supported by various air quality material management standards that make it more energy-efficient and help it limit pollution

Finally, it’s equipped with dual heat exchange commercial levels HRS35. If you add this to its stainless steel material you get a machine that’s less prone to stain and carrion.


  • Has inlet and outlet thermostats for constant temperatures
  • Suitable for radiant heating application
  • Can be used for light residential
  • Low NOx pollution
  • Various safety measures


  • It’s difficult to adjust the temperature

7. Rinnai RUR Series Sensei SE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater: Indoor Installation

Although Rinnai RUR Series Sensei SE is sized like others, it has greater energy efficiency and features a high power. Apart from supporting four fixtures, you can easily mount it in indoor locations.

Its high GPM rating mark and Energy Start Certification makes it the best choice for those who want to lower their energy bills or those who have larger homes.

Fitted with Wi-Fi control and Circ-Logic technology, it will provide you with instant hot water when you need it.

Whether you want to save time or use water simultaneously, this heater won’t let you down. By allowing you to use it only when you need water it will help you reduce utility costs and save energy.

Since it has a compact design, you can comfortably install it in non-traditional places such as crawl space, attic, and even closet.

The amazing thing is that every part is replicable hence you can easily replace it or buy the whole unit.


  • Provides you with endless hot water
  • Uniform energy factor of .93 and ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Comes with a built-in recirculation pump and timer
  • Can help you save energy and costs


  • Higher costs than a non-condensing tankless water heater

8. Rinnai Tankless Water Heater, Large, V65iP-Propane/6.5 GPM V65IP

If you are looking for a propane tankless water heater that has a Wi-Fi connection, consider Rinnai V65IP. Controlled by an app known as Control-R 2.0 it’s a smart appliance that can help you save money by using schedulers and timers.

By buying from the company, you’ll enjoy a very competitive warranty. For heat exchanger, it has a 12-month warranty and for labor parts, 60 months warranty.

Approved by the South Coast Quality Management District, this unit will not affect the quality of air in your place. Since most tankless heaters are made for indoor installation, you’ll get something you are sure of.

As a propane-powered unit with low Nox remissions, 6.6GPM, and 150000 BTU, it might be the perfect heater for your home.

Compact in size it’s not only designed to save space but also comes with a mounting option. More so, it’s made of high-grade materials to ensure it’s durable.

It also has a corrosion-free element along with PVC pipes to ensure you get a hot water flow. Considering the budget, it’s a great water heater will all the features you need and  a Wi-Fi connection


  • Control –R 2.0 mobile app
  • Endless hot water
  • Comes with a high warranty
  • Certified for installation in mobile homes


  • Its flow rate output is a bit low
  • Its consumes more energy

9. Eccotemp FVI12-LP Liquid Propane Gas Tankless Water Heaters

If you have a small apartment, choosing the best tankless water heater can be a headache. Thankfully, Eccotemp FVI12-LP promises to provide you with an adequate amount of hot water that’s suitable for 2 bathrooms.

Small and compact, it will perfectly fit inside your small bathroom. Reliable and sustainable, it uses standard mounting equipment. It also has a standard NPT and high flow rate that can only be activated when water is flowing.

Unlike others, it has an electronic ignition system that adds to its efficiency and safety. It also uses an electrical circuit to control its sensors. This amazing feature also helps with lower emissions and lower economy.

Whether you are living in a cabin, a small house, or an apartment this is the right product for you. By providing a decent flow of water it will ensure you get hot water for multiple appliances.

Its lightweight and compact design also allows you to install it easily and add to its appeal. If you are looking for convenience and ease, this heater will never disappoint you. The fact that its digital controller and buttons are easy to operate makes it the best.


  • Saves on costs and energy
  • Provides for indoor installation
  • Easy to read and use
  • Flow rate can only be activated with flowing water
  • Uses standard mounting equipment to provide you with reliability


  • Comes with a limited warranty
  • Lower flow rate as compared to other heaters

10. Rinnai V65EP 6.6 GPM Outdoor Low NOx Tankless Propane Water Heater

Coming with multiple control options, Rinnai V65EP will allow you to control temperatures and schedules with relative ease. With its control-R application, you can provide an accurate response to all the settings.

When it comes to controls, you can change the temperature, set times, and adjust schedules. This way, you can get faster results. Unlike other products, Rinnai V65EP comes with a great warranty.

It’s warranty is perhaps the highest in the industry. You can also get 5 years warranty on the parts and 12 months warranty on the services.

Given that it’s a compact unit, you can expect nothing but a decent flow rate of water. It’s also well equipped to provide you with 6.5 gallons per minute that’s enough for a family of 2 or 3.

Besides it comes with propane fuel to ignite the heater thus making its efficiency rate quite much higher. One of the resend you’ll love it is its fast heating performance and high energy efficiency.


  • Its comes with a high efficiency
  • Simple and quite easy to install
  • Features a space-saving design
  • Has one of the best warranties


  • It does not have the fastest flow rate
  • It’s not suitable for a country that experiences winter

Best Propane Tankless Water Heater Buying Guide

Whether you want to save time or you need an on-demand heater choosing the best propane heater can save you a lot. Here are some of the things to consider when looking for one


Before settling on any heater, estimate the average temperature of your area so you can determine the temperature you need. Although most propane tankless heaters can climb up to 140 degrees F they may drop a bit when the temperature is cold

Clean Water

Tankless water heaters generally provide adjusted hot water for showers, baths, and washing machines.  Apart from being hot, the water should be clean. The main drawback of tanked heaters is that the water can easily be contaminated. So before choosing one, ensure that it will produce clean water.

Size of the Heater

Before choosing any heater, decide whether you are looking for a large or small size. If you don’t have a large space or you have a small budget, choosing a small heater is the way to go. If you are looking for one for camping or traveling a portable heater will significantly help you.

Instant Hot Water

Propane tankless water heaters normally work fast to provide you with endless amounts of water. It’s important to look for one that provides instant water that you can use within minutes.

Flow Rate of the Heater

Different homes and establishments require different flow rates. If you have a small home with just one bathroom you need a 3GPM tankless water heater. On the contrary, if you have a large family of 3 or 4 you need a 9GPM water heater. You should, therefore, estimate the average amount of water you need per day.


While most propane tankless water heaters come with a long lifespan, make sure you choose one that can last up to 20 years. The best way to know this is to check its warranty.

Energy Efficiency

Choose a high energy-efficient heater that’s environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, and will save you money on wasted gases.


As one of the most important things, you need to choose a heater with self-protection systems and freeze protection systems that can protect it during dangerous situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water do you need in a propane tankless water heater?

If you are one or two people, you need 30 to 40 gallons. But if you are three people you need 40 to 50 gallons of water. However, you need to understand that this is just an estimate and not the exact number. The way you use hot water will also determine the amount of water you need.

What water pressure will you use to install a propane heater?

You need a low water pressure of 50-60 Psi. Measured in pounds per square inch, if your water pressure is above 80 Psi,make sure you lower it. If you are not sure how to go about it, contact a professional.

How much propane does a tankless water heater use?

The amount of propane that a heater needs varies based on the number of people who will use hot water. If you are a family of two, you need around 15 gallons of propane each month. However, for a family of 5 or more, you require at least 40 gallons of propane every month.

For how long can you use 100 gallons of propane?

Coming with 80% efficiency, if you have a larger family, 100 gallons of propane will last you 1 month.

Electricity vs. propane which is cheaper?

As compared to electricity propane is cheaper. According to the Department of Energy in the USA heating, your home with propane costs less. Additionally, these heaters are cost-effective and quite affordable.

Can you install the heater alone?

If you know what you are doing, you can install the heater yourself. But if you are not sure how to go about it, make sure you consult a professional. You need to know that installing a water heater requires some special skills that you may not have.

Who requires a propane tankless heater?

Given that it’s a good option for homes if you are a family of 4 or 5 you need to install one.

Final Words

Overall the best propane tankless water heaters can help you save a lot in the short run and long run. Besides these, they will provide you with comfort and convenience. As the new best things in the market, these units are already winning the hearts of customers.

Their greater storage saving design, high efficiency, and safety features make them the best heater for every home. The best part is that they will provide you with a consistent flow of hot water. If you are not sure, why not start here as you explore others. Over to you.

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