“Please Just Cut Me Off Already,” Jon Jones Tells UFC Boss.

Dana White, the UFC president, seems to have an issue when a fighter asks for payment. At least that’s what Jon Jones, the former light heavyweight champion says. Over the past 2 days, Jon Jones and Dana White have been busy off the rings exchanging blows on Twitter. The former keen on downplaying the latter’s change in behavior at the mention of better payment.

Jones, who accused White of misinforming the media about his reluctance to fight Ngannou, took to his Twitter account to show his resentment.

“I quit the light heavyweight division, literally gained a massive amount of weight. And now people are saying I’m afraid? “Everyone but me claiming that I’m afraid. All I asked was to get paid.”

“Why does a fighter have to be afraid the second he mentions he wants to get paid his worth. What an insult.”

“Conor McGregor wants big money, it’s expected. Jon Jones wants money, now he’s scared.” Jon Jones wrote

Jones, who has been out of the ring for quite some time, was expecting to fight whoever won the UFC 260. This, however, took a different toll after Dana White teased that Ngannou could face Derek Lewis instead of Jones. Jones wasn’t impressed with the statement but seemed unbothered should Derrick Lewis challenge Ngannou for the belt ahead of him.

On the other hand, Dana White replied to Jones’s backlashes and even went ahead announcing that Jones’s decision on fighting Ngannou was entirely on Jones. “I promise you, we can call Derrick Lewis or one of these other heavyweights, and they want the fight. If Jon Jones really wants the fight, Jon Jones knows he can get the fight. All he’s got to do is call and do it.” The UFC president said.

The fight between Ngannou and Jones looked uncertain previously when the latter said he wanted out. Things now seem a bit unfolding as Jones hopes that UFC will finally do things right. In his Tweet, he hopes for the fight calling it a big opportunity for all involved.

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