What Is a Point of Use Water Heater?

Also known as electric or gas-fired on-demand water heaters, point of use water heaters are small heating devices designed as tankless units or mini storage tanks that heat and supply you with water where you need it.

As compared to other normal electric tankless water heaters, they can be installed in new or existing systems. They are, therefore, quite popular in commercial or residential places that have limited spaces. Meant to provide small volumes of water, they can be installed in places such as small apartments, lavatory sinks, garages, cottages among others.

The best thing about them is that they can help you cut the long wait for hot water to arrive. If you don’t like waiting for hot water to get to the tap, a point of use water will provide you with a great solution.

To Get Instant Hot Water, Install Point of Use Water Heater

In this modern world, the availability of hot water is very important. While one or more tankless water heaters may supply the whole home, many homes have taps that are located far away from the water heater. This may make it hard to get hot water wherever you need it.

So, if you want comfort, convenience, and efficiency, installing a point of use water heater is the way to go. By shortening the distance that the water has to travel, these heaters will ensure that you instantly receive hot water.

When to Consider When Installing Point of Use Water Heater

  • New construction especially if you can design your home to minimize water losses a point of use water heater will suffice
  • When you need additional water load consider using a point of use water heater
  • When you need water for your hot tub
  • When you need to install hot water for your kitchen sink

Will Point of Use Water Heaters Save You Money

Apart from coming with comfort and additional convince, a point-of-use water heater can save you money. If saving money is your goal, installing a point of use water heater can really help you. With some lasting up to 25 years you’ll enjoy a long stretch of time, save money on the bills and recover the amount of money you spent on buying and installation.

How to Install a Point of Use Water Heater

Although some of them are simple and easy to install, if you don’t have the skills and knowledge, seek the services of a professional. If you don’t install it well it might be dangerous to your home.

Plus, just like other electric water heaters, these heaters need regular maintenance. Whether it’s a tankless or tank version, you have to regularly maintain it if you want it to operate efficiently and last longer. While you can perform some tasks others are best left for the experts.


A good point of use water heater can add comfort, convenience, and efficiency to your home. Since they provide instant hot water, they eliminate the wastage that occurs when water drains into the sink as you wait for hot water. If you are ready for comfort and convenience and you want to save some money, consider installing a point of use water heater.

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