Xiaomi Mi Series To Debut The World’s First Liquid Lens Camera Phone

From a bezel-less design to a notchless model, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix model has never ceased to amaze the smartphone industry with its inventions. In 2018, Xiaomi released the Mi Mix Alpha, the first smartphone with the most enormous screen ratio. Today, Mi Mix has teased something new in the smartphone industry once again. Xiaomi is yet to launch another Mi Mix of its series on March 29th to feature a liquid lens camera.

Making a short teaser via Weibo text earlier today, Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO, and co-founder released a 16-second video highlighting the liquid lens. Xiaomi will be the first smartphone to incorporate a liquid lens camera, with Huawei likely to follow suit. So what is this Liquid lens camera, and why is it a big deal?

Explaining how the lens works, the company compared the liquid lens to the human eye. The liquid lens contains an optical liquid controlled by a motor for rapid and meticulous focussing. Additionally, the liquid will have high light transmittance, ultra-low dispersion, and resistance to extreme conditions.

The liquid camera will have significant benefits over the traditional lens in various ways. Of all the advantages, the camera’s ability to act as both a macro and a telephoto camera seems to weigh more significance.

Xiaomi also confirmed the same, stating that its self-made liquid lens will work as both a macro and a telephoto camera. The liquid cameras have been around for decades but only in industrial applications. The smartphone industry is rapidly growing, with different companies upping the tech and innovation game a notch higher.

Xiaomi will be announcing the world’s first smartphone to incorporate liquid lenses in its cameras in about four days. Whether this will be the future of smartphone photography is not certain yet, but Xiaomi remains to lead various innovations.

Announcing its comeback via Weibo Charts, the Mi Mix series made a statement of its return, and the liquid camera is the best way to announce the return. Nothing could be better than the liquid lens camera after two years of silence.

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