SharePath overview: Transaction-based Application Performance Management

In today’s complex production IT environments, almost anything can slow down your application. SharePath is designed to help enterprise IT teams identify, anticipate and prevent issues. Using SharePath you can:

  • Isolate application performance problems quickly without code-level knowledge
  • Monitor every single transaction across multiple tiers in real time
  • Replace cross-departmental confusion and service provider headaches with plain facts

Unlike language-specific, infrastructure or log-based monitoring tools, SharePath is not limited to certain technologies or platforms. Instead, you get complete visibility of all user transactions in the context of their application, environment and performance against SLA.

SharePath can trace every individual user-request across any type of technology or platform – not just Java or .NET but including Web-servers, proxy servers, integration layers, etc. – measuring the exact contribution of each element within the datacenter. This provides a fast, accurate answer to the question “What’s really impacting the user’s experience?” and reduces time-to-resolution with 100% confidence.

“SharePath for the first time gives us a monitoring tool that visually shows us what we need to pay attention to, instead of expecting us to figure out what to look for in tables of data.”
– Bryan Ard, Senior Solutions Architect, Maryville Technologies

SharePath capabilities include:

AnalyticsProblem Isolation gives you the tools you need to identifying what is happening, where and which applications and users are affected.
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Code Level VisibilityCode Level Visibility (CLV) deep dives into your production code for application errors, exceptions and performance issues, covering both .Net and Java-based architectures.
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SharePath Real User MonitoringAnalytics using a Big Data repository of every user, transaction and hop that can identify trends, outliers or intermittent problems that other APM solutions miss.
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SharePath Real User MonitoringReports and Alerts that are fully customizable to tell you exactly what happened and notify you by email [or text] of any problems that are happening right now!
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SharePathReal User Monitoring provides full user experience visibility from the data center to your customers’ browser whether on a laptop, desktop or mobile device.
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