Apple Is Working On High-Tech Mattress Topper. Here’s What We Know

Can you remember Beddit? Well, most of us can’t due to its short business time. Well, Beddit, a Finnish technology company that used to sell sleep monitoring devices and sleep tracking systems, was acquired by Apple back in 2017. Many people wondered what Apple intended to do with the technology back them since Apple dealt with mobile appliances and not beddings.

Why would Apple purchase Beddit’s sleeping tracking company, yet the Apple watch could already monitor and track sleeping patterns? The answer seems to be relatively easy as Apple is the tech giant that invests more into research before trying something out. It is now clear that Apple is more interested in your sleep quality and is working on improving it.

In September 2020, Apple signed a U.S Patent that showcased its concern on creating a ‘haptic’ bed. Probably you might be fantasizing about an iBed that could come with all the goodies of Apple, right? Maybe a massage before sleep, slight vibrations to wake you up, or maybe a bed that could turn your slightly when you snore.

Generally, the patent highlighted a high-tech mattress topper that would be fixed on your mattresses at home. The topper is stipulated to run on a pneumatic system using either air, fluid, or even both.

Whether the new prospect sleep tracking device Apple is working on will tell your dreams, stop you from snoring, or even communicate with the Apple watch is uncertain. Furthermore, other tech giants and the rest of the world are waiting to see the kind of cutting-edge tech Apple will apply to the pneumatic system. It is an exciting upcoming innovation by Apple, and nothing could get more interesting when the system is finally out.

The possibility that Apple will use our mattresses to incorporate the pneumatic system also triggers lots of questions.

Will the new tech redefine the design and manufacturing of mattresses?

What will be the pneumatic system’s safety, and what other devices is Apple planning to incorporate into the pneumatic system?

Will the sleeping tracking devices only work on humans or even pets as well?

When the time is right, we might live to witness Apple transforms sleeping patterns, or should I call it the Sleep Revolution?

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