Avoid meeting Hell with the new VICIS helmet!

Rugby, or football is a contact sport, and while most people keep safety gears updated, they often forget one crucial accessory- the helmet. The often-overlooked negligence of keeping well constructed helmets has pushed the linemen into focusing a well known company into the helmet manufacturing business to introduce their latest model of football helmet known as ‘The Trench’.

The Trench is said to mainly focus on protecting the players’ frontal region from any damages, since it is not a very common thing for linemen to get contact injuries in this particular area. This is one of the company’s ongoing projects of manufacturing players’ helmets which cater to improving the safety of the players engaged in any sort of contact sport like football or lacrosse.

In a game of football, every snap seems like a battle to the one on the line. The linemen form the key players who get hit during each and every play. This is what motivated the VICIS endorser Justin Britt finds no sense in not providing the linemen with the best quality helmets. The player himself has admitted to using a VICIS helmet since 2017, which is also a major part of his career as a quarterback.

VICIS’ new innovation has proven to be a landmark when it comes to manufacturing equipment that improves the safety of players. With the recent changes in the NFLPA and NFL guidelines regarding head-gear, there has been a significant fall in the amount of injuries sustained by the linemen in the trenches. The NFL, back in the year 2016 has implemented certain protocols which were made stricter when it came to concussions. According to that, every play must go through a countless amount of evaluations and tests before they can be permitted off of protocol.

Thus, the new development by VICIS not only helped the players avoid a terrible case of concussion, it also opened up a dialogue about the long drawn effects that a concussion can cause.