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The 71st edition of the Miss Universe has already been announced to happen on Dec, 2022. The pageant Miss universe live stream always been on FOX and Telemundo TV for a long while now.

How To Watch 2024 Miss universe live stream free online

Since there haven’t been any changes or additional channels confirmed to broadcast the pageant show live, FOX still looks set to air the pageant live. Regardless of where you are, you can always Livestream the FOX channel using your Pc or mobile phone. The following is a list of service providers where you can easily access FOX for pageant viewing.

  • AT&T TV

Among the over 50 channels offered by AT&T TV includes the FOX TV channel. Using AT&T, you can always access the FOX channel online and get tuned to the Miss Universe 69th edition that is set to occur on May 16th.

AT&T app is also compatible with multiple devices, including Android phones, Apple phones, Pcs, and tablets or iPads.

  • Hulu

Hulu may also be the right choice for some of you who would love to follow the pageant show. With multiple channels to offer, Hulu with Tv also offers FOX Tv channels in its packages. In case you are wondering how to watch the miss universe 69th edition live, then Hulu can be one of your stop points to visit.

  • FuboTV

Just like Hulu and AT&T, FuboTV also offers FOX channels in its subscription. FuboTV is among the top channels offering FOX, where the pageant lovers and fans can catch every second of the show live and online.

According to Miss Universe’s president Paul Shugart, the event looks set, and everything is well placed. In an interview by the media, Paul said, “We have spent months planning and preparing safety precautions to develop this edition of Miss Universe—one that will be memorable, special, and totally innovative,” said Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, in a news release. “I look forward to seeing this work come to fruition and crowning a new Miss Universe in May.”

Who Are The Likely Hosts Of The 72 Edition?

For five years now, despite some stage hurdles or challenges, Steve Harvey has hosted the pageant show assisted by Vanessa Lachey and Olivia Culpo as the backstage correspondents. It is still likely for the custom to continue though that hasn’t been confirmed by the group.

However, in his previous speech, we can almost tell that this team of hosts is likely to continue as Paula M. announced that everything looks set and that they have prepared well, and all looks great. Do you think it would be early to announce a new team of hosts, or what did he insinuate by everything is set? We are relatively optimistic that the team will continue, but that is a subject of another day.

Quick Recap Of The Miss Universe And What To Expect

The most-watched world beauty pageant that will go down on May 16th is expected to have more than 70 contestants from more than 16 territories worldwide. The world gets an opportunity to see the world’s most beautiful ladies showcase their most pretty assets in their authentic cultural manner and modern women.

The large number of beautiful ladies is then trimmed to Top ten by experienced judges who further pick five ladies for the final gown competition. From the five ladies, the world witnesses the predecessor crown the successor in a most stylish and auspicious manner.

The 69th edition will witness the current Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi crowning her successor for the most coveted crown by every lady on the planet.

How To Keep Connected On Watch The Miss Universe

Are you a great fan of Miss Universe and would never want to miss any second or any bit of the show? To ensure you are connected to the show, you can always follow pageant news from anywhere via their official social media accounts. You can also follow the contestants’ profiles and even the official Miss Universe Youtube channel.

Those are the main platforms where you can get the official information on who will host the show, the venue of their edition, and the show’s official dates.

The previous Miss Universe editions that have also happened are also online, and just a click away. On their Youtube official channel, you are guaranteed to catch every interview, every crowning, and all the news about the most-watched pageant show in the world.

You can also get the pictures of all the contestants from the organisation’s official social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Some websites also give some information about the pageants, and you can catch some wind of how things unfold.

In summary, watching Miss Universe online has never been more comfortable today. Compared to when the beauty pageant started in 1952, live streaming the show has been more straightforward and super fast. After subscribing to one of your favorite channels mentioned above, you will only need a stable and robust internet to watch the show.

As long as you can access FOX or the internet, watching Miss Universe can never be a daunting task at all. Still figuring out whether there are Miss universe live stream free channels that you can watch the 69th edition for free? Stick here for more information and suggestions on some of the legally accepted channels that can offer the services.

Want to know if your country cuties made it to the top ten as well? We will have all that information here and clear from the verified and top sources. Don’t miss anything as we have you covered!


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