The New TikTok Color Personality Test Will Blow Your Mind!

Hello online aficionados!

From updating our feelings with emojis, the online social space has come up with a new way of assigning our personalities without having to type them. Thanks to TikTok’s new mind-boggling feature, your vibe can be assigned a pigment that actually portrays your character!

            Feeling anxious, friendly, and maybe warm, TikTok has your color!

Videos of eccentric personality tests have been trending recently, amassing thousands of views on various social media platforms.

Knowing your vibe color is quite simple. You need to answer a series of twelve questions from The site allows you to answer twelve questions, after which you are assigned a personality color.

You think you know yourself inside out? The algorithms of will actually surprise you!

My personality for just a single pigment? That’s unfair or even preposterous!

Well, the site’s test, just like any other online test, will analyze your answers and, to your shock, will find a suitable color for you. What is even more surprising is that the site explains your personality and even provides background music with a combination of objects that match the color assigned. The results seem so true, as one TikToker puts it after taking her color personality test.


this is my favorite color of all time ib: @gracie.pulliam #personalitycolor #personalcolortest #colorpersonalitytest #fyp #foryou

♬ Originalton – Violutionn

It won’t be surprising to you or even me when someone else might know too much about us when we barely know anything about them. The online tests may pick more personal information about us that we may give knowingly or unknowingly for the sake of trendy challenges. So, what should we do?

Well, experts have, however, cautioned against providing too much personal information since you won’t know who is watching. Don’t be vulnerable as you take on the social media challenges by exposing too much of your personal information.

In as much as the color personality test may be a controversial topic to many, most people are loving it and trying it out at large. It is fun knowing your personality color and how the algorithm ‘thinks’ of your character.