What Size Breaker for Water Heater?

Electric water heaters require about 240-volt circuit to serve them and other appliances as well water heater breaker size. The wiring of this circuit typically includes a 10-2 nonmetallic cable and a 30-amp double-pole breaker. But what’s a circuit breaker? This article we are going to discuss about What Size Breaker for Water Heater?

A circuit breaker is a product that protects electric machines from overcharging and short circuits. If you don’t install one, your electric machine could stop working anytime. That’s why your hot water heater needs one. Some of them will not even work unless you connect it to one.

The Best Size Breaker

Just like electric water heaters, circuit breakers come in different sizes.  While you can easily connect your electric heater to one, you must ensure that you are using the right size.  Since choosing the right size is not easy, there are things you must consider when looking for the right size.

How the Right Sized Is Measured

The size of the circuit breaker is usually measured in Amperes.  From 25 amps to 100 amps, different models come in different sizes.  The amps generally refer to the number of Amps the circuit can handle.

When the electrical connection is more than the Amp capacity of the circuit breaker, the unit will automatically shut down. That’s basically how to measure the size of the circuit breaker. Doing this, will ensure you get the right size.

Picking the Right Size for Your Needs

Here are the key steps to help you choose the right size

Know the Requirements of the Heater

You need to know the total wattage and the type of connection that your heater will work with. The best way to go about this is to check behind the heater for the specifications labels.

Divide the Current by the Voltage

If your heater requires 1,500 Watts and works in 120-volt connections, divide them by 2. If you do this you’ll get averagely 12.5 Amps.

Get the Right Operative Amperage

After getting the right Amperage you can turn on your heater to see what the ideal Amperage will be. Most circuit breakers that work well have 125% of the power capacity needed. This means your 1,500 Watts heater on a 120 voltage may not work well.

Instead of this, you need something that offers around 15.6 Amp. Make sure you go for something between 15.6 Amps to 20 amps.

Getting the Right One

Once you have an idea of what you need, you should know the right size for your propane water heater. Instead of going for just any breaker, choose one that can take care of your heater needs without using more than 80% of its total capacity.

If your electric water heater demands 20 amps in total you need to choose around 25 amps. This will ensure it works consistently in a stable manner.

Final Words

As you can see choosing the right circuit breaker for your water heater can be a bit tricky. So if you are not sure, consult a professional to help you. But if you are just starting out this piece should help you get the right one.

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